Kripal Lakhi Singh

Welcome to section on high school stuff. As I mentioned earlier, in this section you would find lots of useful stuff for high school students covering all the three science subjects physics , chemistry and mathematics.

Here you would find links to downloadable files. You are welcome to download these files and use them to aid your academics and preparation for various competitive exams

I have a bunch of questions papers in physics and chemistry  that I had prepared sometime back while I was working as a part time chemistry tutor in one of the most reputed coaching institute in Chennai,  India.

You may download these papers and if you find them useful just leave a message here for me or email me ( under contact me) . I would be more than happy to hear from you guys. Also if you have any doubt , feel absolutely free to shoot an email and I would try to get back to you as early as I can.

Detailed solutions to these questions are also available but I will not put them here . I want you guys to try out these papers sincerely  and then if you find that you need to check you answer or performance , you could request me for a solution. I will send you the same by via email.

The material uploaded here on this website is compiled from various known and authentic sources . Please do not use it for commercial interests. The idea behind this website is to "give back " to the society in some way or the other. This is my way of giving back. I know this is very trivial but I want to start giving back to the society with this and hope I would be able to do a lot more than this in days to come. Wish me luck for that.

There is no commercial interest in setting up this website and no fee/money is charged for anything that you download from here. Its purely for academic purpose. If you want to thank me you could send me an email . I would be more than happy. 

These files are password protected expect for the first couple of files. This is done just to avoid misuse of the resources put up there. If you are serious about the stuff upload and you want to download the same, send me an email requesting for a password. You will immediately get the password once I m convinced that you are a genuine candidate. I m 24 7 connected via email. Feel free to contact me via email. Its fast and reliable.

There is no hidden agenda behind protecting the content here except that I want to avoid misuse of the resources.

Thanks for your patience.


Note: I just realized that its a bit difficult to upload files here although I will try to upload them directly so that download is easy. So in addition to direct downloadable PDF files , you would also find embedded files here. They are equally easy to read as the PDF files. You may save the file for offline use if you so wish.

CH-01-MODEL1.pdf CH-01-MODEL1.pdf
Size : 225.823 Kb
Type : pdf
PH01-Model 01.pdf PH01-Model 01.pdf
Size : 316.374 Kb
Type : pdf
CH-02-MODEL2.pdf CH-02-MODEL2.pdf
Size : 288.685 Kb
Type : pdf
CH-04-REVI2.pdf CH-04-REVI2.pdf
Size : 295.408 Kb
Type : pdf
CH-05-REVI3.pdf CH-05-REVI3.pdf
Size : 203.39 Kb
Type : pdf
CH-06-REVI4.pdf CH-06-REVI4.pdf
Size : 192.999 Kb
Type : pdf
PH02-Model 02.pdf PH02-Model 02.pdf
Size : 321.73 Kb
Type : pdf
CH07-MODEL07.pdf CH07-MODEL07.pdf
Size : 370.226 Kb
Type : pdf
CH08-MODEL08.pdf CH08-MODEL08.pdf
Size : 286.472 Kb
Type : pdf
PH03-MODEL03.pdf PH03-MODEL03.pdf
Size : 460.243 Kb
Type : pdf
PH04-MODEL04.pdf PH04-MODEL04.pdf
Size : 290.708 Kb
Type : pdf
MA-02-MODEL02.pdf MA-02-MODEL02.pdf
Size : 504.74 Kb
Type : pdf
MA-03-MODEL03.pdf MA-03-MODEL03.pdf
Size : 455.448 Kb
Type : pdf

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