Kripal Lakhi Singh

Welcome to the section on Chemical Engineering. Here you would find lots of useful information related to different aspects of chemical engineering. I m mostly interested in designing with special focus on heat exchangers and distillation columns.

On this page you would find a lot technical presentations that I gave during my school days as part of course work. From time to time I would be publishing articles ( for academic purpose only) on some important topics in chemical engineering. The articles would highlight my take on the subject both from a students perspective and from the perspective of a practicing chemical engineering ( also referred to as Process engineer).

Feel free to download and use these presentations. I would be more than happy to hear from you if you find the information useful.


Below is a presentation on water cooling tower . It deals with the basic aspects of a cooling tower and some important design equations and calculations.


As I mentioned in the introduction page, I have some experience in the use of some excellent chemical engineeirng software such as ASPEN , Hysys 3.2 etc.


Here is a youtube link to a video tutorial on Hysys flash separation  that I had prepared couple of years back. It has no audio component but using video one can at least get started with Hysys provided you have access to the software. I would be uploading more such video tutorials with audio component included. If you like the video feel free to shoot to email and say hi. I would be more than happy. The video was made using "screen capture"technology provided by Techsmith Inc.


Soon I would upload video tutorials illustrating the use of HTRI 5 and CHEMCAD 6 and if possibel ASPEN PLUS to solve Chemical engineering problems.

Water Cooling Tower.pdf Water Cooling Tower.pdf
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