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Sometimes even Nature laughs :)

The above picutre shows that even nature smiles sometimes. This shot is one in several hundered millions. Kudos to the person who took this picture. Courtesy: Unknown source (was floating around on Facebook). 


 Welcome to my personal webpage. Here you would find all the necessary information about me and what I do.

I graduated with an under graduate and a post graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India.

My research interest includes Heterogeneous Catalysis , Solid state synthesis, Reactor design and Process Engineering Equipment design with special interest and focus on Heat Exchangers, Distillation columns.

I have some experience in using a number of chemical engineering software such as ASPEN PLUS  , HTRI 5 , PRO II 8.1 , DYNSIM, CHEMCAD 6, Hysys 3.2 (now part of ASPEN package) , Super Pro Design engineer , Pipeline flow, Flowmaster.

I m currently editing an exam preparation guide cum quick reference book titled " Comprehensive Approach to Chemical Engineering for GATE " (CACE).

On this page you would also find a gist to some of the scientific journals that I read on a periodic basis.

I have a deep rooted passion for organic chemistry. You would find lots information related to high school Organic chemistry , solved examples, basic concepts...and if you are lucky .....some really tricky questions.

Feel free to contact me for any kind of academic help which  I may be able to render to you. 

Note: I rant a lot especially about the social and economic and political structure in this country. You will get to see what I rant about and how I rant ...check the section under  "Blog"

Thanks for your time

Kripal Lakhi Singh



 Village Manno Manjra , India-Pakistan border, Punjab India


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